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HYPERICE - Shoulder Pro Cold Therapy XL [HI-10052]
HYPERICE - Shoulder Pro Cold Therapy XL [HI-10052]

What is the Hyperice Performance Ice Compression Device?

The Hyperice cold therapy system is an innovative application device created to ensure optimal ice treatment on the move, sub-zero compression without limitation. Utilising cutting-edge technology and integrating state-of-the-art design, the portable Hyperice body wrap combines the power of two perfectly engineered components to create a simple, yet truly amazing arctic delivery technique that will revolutionise injury treatment.

How does Hyperice Technology work?

The Hyperice Air Cell helps to harness the therapeutic powers of 'real ice' to reduce tissue temperature fast and remove heat quickly, kick-starting the body's own healing response. The system incorporates two patented technologies to provide function without compromise. The Hyperice 'Air Release Valve System' facilitates the extraction of air to form evenly distributed compression while the'Ultra-Thin Cell Skin'delivers outstanding performance with its rapid cooling transfer capabilities.

The Hyperice Compression Wrap has been tailored to conform to the contours of the body and designed to ensure a uniform and functional fit optimising the ice treatment system. Manufactured from premium grade neoprene the multi-directional strapping system can be applied to any part of the wrap using a simple 'hook' mechanism which will not fray the surface of the belt making it simple to adjust and alter tension.

Each Hyperice device is composed of two parts that work together as a system to maximize cold and compression and deliver optimal cold therapy. 
These two components are:

1) HYPERICE ICE CELL WITH AIR RELEASE TECHNOLOGY The Ice Cell provides the "cold" component by harnessing the power of real ice which is loaded into the Ice Cell each time the Hyperice is used. Real ice is a powerful topical anti-inflammatory agent because of its superior ability to remove heat from the body and reduce tissue temperatures.

AIR RELEASE VALVE The patented air release valve removes air from the ice cell to enable maximum compression. When applied to the body, ice draws heat out of the body, slowly melting the ice to water. As this happens, pockets of air build up in the ice cell creating a barrier between the ice and the compression wrap. Releasing air from the ice cell allows the compression wrap to maintain constant pressure on the ice, thereby delivering optimal compression throughout the icing process.

2) HYPERICE COMPRESSION WRAP Each Hyperice compression wrap is designed to apply firm pressure to the Ice Cell, pushing all excess air trapped in the cell to the surface. By pressing the air release valve, the excess air is removed from the unit- allowing the compression wrap to make direct contact with the ice, forming an "ice cast" around the desired body part. Here are some of the features that make the system work:

Features of the Hyperice Knee Compression Wrap

· Premium grade 3mm neoprene with a nylon thread durable finish

· 10 x 10 inch cold therapy delivery surface area

· Unique collar design to lock the ice in position

· Machine washable

· Antimicrobial material will repel odour and bacteria build-up

Manufacturer: HYPERICE

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