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It's simple. Sports Medicine is everything involving the athlete. Keeping the athlete in the game. Bringing back the injured athlete. Helping the athlete reach the top. Preparing the athlete to win!
Protecting the athlete with the most updated sports medicine products is our primary goal. Of course, bringing together sports and medicine is not something new for TZELALIS company.
The term "Sports Medicine" was first used by our company 30 years ago. Going back to the early 80s you'll find the founder of the company, Peter Tzelalis, with innovation as a driving force within, captured the idea of Sports medicine products while he was still a student and athlete at Pace University where he received his Bachelors in Management Information Systems and his Masters in International Marketing. 
This was the beginning of a new drift in the locker rooms of all Greek fields.
Athletes all over Greece have been succeeding with the help of TZELALIS products since the mid 80s. Beginning with M/TAPE, M/WRAP, Mueller,s Medi-kits, following with McDavid's sports shorts and ankle braces and Spenco's insoles, proved to be only a forerunner to what would become a new retail category. By the mid 90s, having raised the bar in the trainiong room, a complete line of patented knee braces, ankle braces and other supports of companies with exclusive representation, brought world-class products to athletes at all levels. This marks only the start of the sports medicine evolution and the undisputed rise of TZELALIS "Sports Medicine" as a market leader.
You probably show your support by cheering for your team from the stands or by taking your future champion to practice. We, on the other hand, show our support through orthotics - the science of supporting and bracing weak muscles. In order to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding athlete, we have always relied on our team of scientific and medical experts. Proof of this is our wide range of braces for knees, ankles, waists, wrists,elbows,shoulders and any other part of the body. The lightest and strongest carbon composites from the aerospace industry are combined with the most scientifically evolved brace. The perfect combination. The result is a perfect product in practice, not theory. Try it to test its real functionality and performance.
For us, this is the best way to support an athlete!
Most times , an athlete's success is a result of their natural ability.
Probably the same goes for braces and other supports. The ability to perform naturally is crucial not only to provide stability for an athlete, but to actually allow them to perform without restrictions. Research, design, and functional evaluation are the ingrediants for success.The wide and patented range of products contribute to the strength of the company. The quest for innovation is our constant mission.
We equip athletes with the most advanced sports medicine products available in the market. 
It's probably easier to measure our success by the athletes who benefit. Carefully watch any game over the weekend and you'll see us "TZELALIS
Look through a sports magazine or newspaper and you'll see us. The largest portion of professional athletes in most sports(soccer,basketball,volleyball) as well as amateur  and club athletes rely on our product line.All of the products we carry are available in most sporting goods ,orthopedics and specialized retail outlets all over Greece.
The same products used by professional athletes are available to everyone who works out daily.
Our company provides solutions even outside the lines of competition.
Our innovative products, designed with the demands of top athletes, now bring to the market high level supports to average people everywhere.Our products,which have proven themselves for over 25 years in training rooms and courts, can be found in most athletic and orthopedic retail outlets as well as pharmacies and specialized stores, thus providing solutions for all age groups and every lifestyle.
We keep everyone in the game, whether at work or play!


What inspires an athlete? The exact same thing that inspires us-we love to compete. Through all of the successes,innovations,challenges,and recognitions the common thread is our need to keep getting better. Our expansion of distribution
in other markets such as Cyprus, Bulgaria and Roumania makes it possible for even more consumers to find our products.Our sales experience in combination with customers need to keep up with product evolution, allows us to constantly renew our line with the latest high-tech materials and designs.
Tzelalis Group of Companies is a leader in locker room products, providing whatever a trainer, therapist and nutritionist needs, such as sprays, analgesic ointments, tape, electrolytes, proteins etc.
Tzelalis Group of Companies is a leader in sports medicine products. The wide range of products can be used for prevention of injury as well as post injury or surgery-for quicker and smoother recovery and better mobilization.
Tzelalis Group of Companies is a leader in orthotics providing solutions to every-day needs of active people as well as to the most demanding
athletes for the most important part of their body which is their feet. The wide variety of insoles,from the simplest to the most specialized, allows the athlete to easily place and fit  them ,thus offering an economic and positive result!
Tzelalis company is devoted to injury prevention and rehabilitation, and also to the encouragement of all people to take part in sports activities in their every-day life.
Our mission is one: to continue being the number one choice and preference
of the trainer, therapist,doctor, nutritionist and professional athlete of all sports, providing them with top quality high-tech products, making everyone's job easier.

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